Our Practice Areas

The Petroussenko law firm is organized into 4 departements. It has a strong reputation in commercial, labour, civil and criminal law. It has an average of 95 % success rate in its cases.

Commercial law

    • Hospitality law (cafes, hotels, restaurants and nightclubs)
    • Undertakings for sale and provisional sales agreements
    • Promesses et compromis de vente
    • Commercial contracts (supplies)
    • Credit and financing agreements
    • Sureties and other bank guarantees
    • Optimisation of the Social Security and tax status of senior corporate executives
    • Corporate tax
    • Administrative regulations (health and safety, opening times)


Labor law

  • Employment contracts
  • Overtime
  • Notice periods for dismissals
  • Redundancy procedures
  • Termination of employment contracts (resignation, individual and collective redundancies, dismissals for fault)
  • Severance pays
  • Warnings, suspension, reprimand
  • Trial period
  • Notice periods and severance pay
  • Personnel elections
  • Electoral disputes concerning staff representatives

Civil law

  • Parental rights, custody of children
  • Divorce (for fault, irretrievable breakdown, by mutual consent)
  • Maintenance 
  • Special maintenance payments to offset a fall in living standards 
  • Post divorce or post cohabitation disputes (modifications to visiting and accomodation rights for children and/or maintenance payments).
  • Winding up matrimonial estates
  • Successions

General and financial criminal law

  • Corruption by public officials
  • Misuse of corporate assets
  • Embezzlement
  • Insider trading
  • Robbery, breach of trust, fraud
  • Illegal work 
  • Illegal loans of personnel
  • Illegal subcontracting
  • Obstructing trade unions